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Next stop The Glass Factory


(Posters by Arash Eskafi)


Tomor­row mon­day 27/8, I move my studio.

From the bank to the factory.

For 6 weeks I will be work­ing with var­i­ous projects..

I‘ll do a lot of big paint­ing within a idea called «Weights»,

explor­ing myself through gigan­tic rorschach-experiments,

try­ing to fig­ure out some light­strob glass­cab­i­net ideas,

work with my «Eat the key»- series thats going to be exhib­ited at the Nordic Museum in Sthlm, nov-12,

Play some ger­man piano and much much more!

I also proud to show about 20 fine pieces of glass, mostly graal­pieces and most of them fresh out of the furnace!

Dont miss it folks!




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In the woods


Last fri­day in the woods:

- We made a fire and walked with it

–We worked in our cold sweat, Micke, Svante & myself

–We went deeper into the woods and met up with a jug­gler & bicy­cle artist named Bodakurre. He showed olympic skills.

–We also met up Mr Musta­lainen, Wilke Adolf­s­son. He had put his block­head t-shirt on.

–We went down to the water with our crayfish-cages. The sun was sinking.

–We went sail­ing and didn´t for­get the firewater.

–We saw mr Musta­lainen flex­ing. I was con­cerned. This could mean trouble.

–We lis­ten to Dizzy Gille­spie play­ing «Oh, when the saints» in the kitchen. It was loud.

–We had Gofika when the sun was down


All pho­tos by Hans Runes­son. Big thanks!



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Don’t miss this folks!!


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I´m par­tic­i­pat­ing in this radioshow about the future of swedish glass.

Lis­ten here:

Lyssna: Kulturradion Sommaruniversitet: Ur askan i elden

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back to work!



Mas­terblower Micke Johans­son & myself

photo: Hans Runesson



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