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Legend weekend 2009


Found a dvd with lots of pics taken dur­ing the Leg­end week­end, held in Puke­berg 2009.

It was Micke Johans­son, Myself and Glenn Auker work­ing with Oiva Toikka, Signe Pers­son Melin and Ken­neth Williamsson.

Great Fun and nos­tal­gic to look through..Pukeberg is gonna stay with me forever!

Pho­tos by Per Larsson

Me, Oiva & Micke

Mak­ing Oivas «Bamboo»

Bowl for Signe Pers­son Melin

Glenn Auker show­ing off at the late nite show

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more where that came from


More good stuff from the mad doc!

Mat­tias Johansson/Maddoc Photography

The Wrought-ups   H:49cm

Tongue­s­peak­ers– Ariel No. 77   H: 35cm

Strip   H:23cm


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more pho­tos from last session.

Me and pho­tog­ra­pher Hans Runes­son has started our work of select­ing pho­tos that´s gonna be

exhib­ited at Ron­neby Kon­sthall 19/1 –13. I´ve decided to not only show the actual glass but the whole process of mak­ing glass!

Hans has been my shadow for this whole year, tak­ing lots of good shots, so I look for­ward to set this exhibition!

More info comin´up


Micke, Svante & Myself in the mak­ing of Ariel No.80

Micke blow­ing his brains out

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Fakk Yeah!!


Amaz­ing photo taken by my mate The Mad Doctor,

Mat­tias Johans­son at Mad­doc Photography.

The Piece is called «The Black Eye» and is a part of a new serie of graalsculp­tures, The Strip serie, refer­ring to comic strips.


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Busy week­end..

Thurs­day — Grand Open­ing at Nordiska Museet with lots of peo­ple (The King & Queen was there too..)

Fri­day — Release for my friends KRIGET new record at Kleerup Gallery

Sat­ur­day — Micke Johans­son 40 year!  Big party. Hooray!

Sun­day was kind of shaky..

This arti­cle with my piece «The Wrought-ups» was in Dagens Indus­tri Saturday!


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